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A veces el camino a su puerta delantera es difícil de navegar. ¡Bienvenido a, una búsqueda gratis para ayudarle a encotrar su puerta delantera perfecta! ayuda a las personas en Nevada a encontrar viviendas y apartamentos de alquiler que se ajustan a sus necesidades y a su presupuesto. Es rápido, fácil de usar y actualizado diariamente. Es gratis para los proveedores de propiedades que anuncien todo tipo de viviendas de alquiler en Nevada. Tanto si busca un apartamento o una casa con un patio, el camino comienza aquí..
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The Nevada Housing Division offers NVHousingSearch as a means to find affordable apartments and rental homes throughout the state. If your situation is such where you are looking for homeownership opportunities, please know there is a potential solution for you too!
Most of us have experienced overcrowded housing occasionally, even if only for a few days when family comes from out of town to visit. For a few days it can even be fun, but we no doubt have experienced some of the downsides: less privacy, more noise, competition for the bathroom and difficulty getting a good night’s sleep.
Did you know you can use's mapping tools to find affordable housing in a specific neighborhood? Here's how.
A low income renter who pays more than 50% of household income for rent and utility costs is considered “severely rent burdened.” In 2016, 60% of Nevada renter households with an annual income of $25,000 or less were severely rent burdened.
La nueva propiedad familiar desarrollada por Nevada HAND ahora está abierta y lista para ser arrendada.
The Affordable Housing Advocate Dr. Mae Worthey-Thomas is here to help residents navigate the many services offered through the Housing Division. The Advocate position was created by the legislature to help improve the affordable housing landscape through building partnerships with housing stakeholders and educating housing providers and residents on how to develop more congenial relationships to improve the quality of life within affordable housing communities.
See all of our articles, past and present.
Lugares Famosos de Nevada, con fotos de Viviendas en Reno y Las Vegas.
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