Nevada Allocations of HOME from American Rescue Plan Total $37 Million

Nevada jurisdictions were allocated $37 million of Supplemental HOME Allocations.

Nevada jurisdictions were allocated a total of $37 million of Supplemental HOME Allocations through the American Rescue Plan to address homelessness. The funding may be used to help homeless households, households at risk of homelessness, people escaping domestic violence, and providing supportive services to families most at risk where it may prevent homelessness.

The funding can be used to preserve or build affordable housing, to provide rental assistance, provision of supportive services that help prevent homelessness, or to provide non-congregate shelter.

Initial allocations follow the HOME program formula and are listed below:

  • Henderson                                      $2,523,480
  • Las Vegas                                        $8,289,072
  • Nevada Non-Entitlement                $6,444,739
  • Clark County - Consortium            $14,773,850
  • Reno - Consortium                          $5,066,913
  • Total                                               $37,098,054