Housing Recommendations for Nevada ARPA Funds

It’s no surprise that Nevada is experiencing a serious shortage of clean, decent affordable housing. For example, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, nearly 90% of very low income Nevadans are paying more than they can afford for housing. The American Resuce Plan Act (ARPA) will provide an unprecedented opportunity to impact Affordable Housing in Nevada in a significant way. Our State Treasure Zach Conine and his team, with the support of Governor Sisolak’s office, hosted a listening tour; traveling the state and making more than 75 stops to listen to the needs of Nevadans during this time.  The treasurer’s office welcomes and encourages submissions of strategic plans for Nevada’s recovery to be shared at www.nevadarecovers.com.

The Nevada Housing Coalition, with the support of a task force made up of nearly 70 stakeholders from local municipalities, non-profit organizations and private industries, has  recommended our state’s investment of ARPA funds include the following:

$500 Million investment in housing divided amongst four categories-

  1. $275 Million in Affordable Housing Multi-Family Development, targeting our highest impacted communities and greatest need.
  2. $125 Million in Affordable Housing Preservation
  3. $50 Million in Affordable Homeownership
  4. $50 Million in Land Investment

The Nevada Housing Coalition estimates that the leverage from the investment would positively impact housing for over 30,000 Nevadans. 

For more about these recommendations or to learn how you can get involved in the fight for affordable housing, please visit   https://nvhousingcoalition.org/.