Finding Joy

Joy is a Journey

As we embark upon the holiday season we recognize that the situation in our communities is vastly different from last year. The state of Nevada most recently reported more than 192,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with over 2,600 deaths. Due to the virus, you may have found your dining rooms empty or sparse for Thanksgiving in an effort to social distance and keep your families safe.

So many people have lost loved ones throughout the world to this insidious virus. Front line workers are emotionally and physically spent from attempting to save lives and often losing that fight. Additionally, the virus has taken careers, leaving people without the means to care for themselves and their families. Businesses are suffering as they are forced to close or reduce services. Our opportunities to socialize with friends have diminished or disappeared altogether. For those of you who have battled the disease and won, you are likely feeling a certain level of relief while still feeling empathy for those who are still in the fight.

With all of these sobering situations, finding a silver lining is almost impossible. However, if we are to emotionally survive the toll that this virus is taking, we must find some joy from day to day. The positive side of things come from people having access to many resources that have been provided by the government through the CARES Act. You can still access assistance through  Thousands have received rental and utility assistance to hold them over until things improve. Additionally, NVHousingsearch, the portal for low-come housing remains a laudable outlet for those in need of housing. Thousands continue to take advantage of the service it provides. These are just a couple of reasons to feel hopeful.

The holiday season can be a time of great excitement and fun if you allow it to be. Finances may be sparse so take some time to make gifts, rather than worrying about buying expensive baubles. Also, take a moment to list out reasons for gratitude. Perhaps you are fortunate to still have a job and a roof over your head. Consider the health and safety of your children and give thanks. Use this time in quarantine to read some books or tackle some projects you have been putting off. Almost everyone has a cluttered closet or garage that they have been meaning to organize. Now’s the time to do it. Perhaps you have friends you have been meaning to catch up with. Now’s the time to call them on the phone and have a nice long gab session. And let us not forget that getting out the house is a great way to clear your mind. Go for a walk in the park and enjoy the scenery. Remember, joy is a state of mind and it is an ongoing journey. Think of ways to bring some joy back into your life and go for it!