Nevada's Housing Trust Fund

Nevada's Housing Trust Fund

The Account for Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AAHTF), formerly known as the Low Income Housing Trust Fund, is a state-funded program for affordable housing. Since its inception in 1989, AAHTF funds have served 46,273 households through down payments, provision of affordable rental housing, emergency expenses assistance, and/or homeowner rehabilitation assistance. This total includes 5,564 units that have been constructed or maintained as affordable housing through the AAHTF. Funds are distributed across the state to local governments, non-profit agencies and to developers for the increased production of affordable rental housing.

AAHTF is currently utilizing funding for short-term rental assistance, homeowner rehabilitation of single-family residences, affordable housing production, and to provide emergency assistance to families who are in danger of becoming homeless. The Nevada Housing Division (NHD) administers the Fund and has recently announced the AAHTF allocation for the year 2021. Governmental, non-profit agencies, and affordable housing developers are eligible for apply for this funding and may submit applications for funding at:

Governmental and Non-Profit Applicants: .

Affordable housing Developers:

For more information, please contact August Kvam with the Nevada Housing Division at 775-687-2230 or .