Census Data on Nevada Renters

Who is the typical Nevada renter?

Nevada renters come in all varieties with big families and small, wealthy and not so wealthy, and of every race, ethnicity and age group. Using data from the American Community Survey we can look a little more closely at our “typical renter”.

  • Most renter households (63%) made less than $50,000 a year. However, 18% of Nevada renter households made $75,000 a year or more.


  • The average renter householder was younger than the average owner householder. Thirty-two percent of renter householders were under age 35 as compared to only 11% of owner householders. However, a majority (55%) of renter householders were in the prime working age group from age 35 to age 64.


  • Only 12% of renter householders were 65 or older. Thirteen percent fell into the 55 tp 64 year old category, thus about a quarter of renters fit some definitions of “senior”.


  • The vast majority of Nevada renter and owner households do not have children under 18.  But considerably more renter households have children under 18 than do owner households (37% of renter households versus 29% of owner households).


  • Larger households with three or more persons made up about forty percent of both owner and renter groups. Another third of Nevada renter households were single, with the remaining 27% two-person households. In contrast almost 40% of owner households were two-person households.


  • Renter households were more diverse than owner households:  Thirty-two percent of renter householders were Hispanic whereas 18% of owner householders were Hispanic. Eighty-one percent of owner householders said they were white alone while only 69% of renter householders said they were white alone.


  • Renters were three times as likely to have moved in the past five years as were homeowners.

Source for the data is American Community Survey 5 year estimates for Nevada 2010-2014 and author calculations.