NVHousingSearch.org partner's at Socialserve.com call center

NVHousingSearch.org’s website listings are also available by phone

All NVHousingSearch.org website listings are also available through the nonprofit Socialserve.com call center. The call center provides live help (English and Spanish, voice and TTY) Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 5:00 pm PDT. The number is 1-877-428-8844. The website and call center services are provided free as a public service and funded by the Nevada Housing Division.

The services provided through the call center are many and include helping prospective tenants to find a new home, helping landlords list quickly, helping to keep listings up-to-date as well as helping rehouse families who’ve been dislocated by a disaster.

The call center helps increase the accessibility of NVHousingSearch.org listings for those who don’t have computer access or for those who prefer having one-on-one help. Call center employees also provide service by helping busy landlords and property managers get listed quickly. Employees participate in regular trainings on all aspects of the locator and ancillary services including disaster rehousing. Call center employees are able to take the time necessary to help each individual caller whether they are a property manager with a new listing or an individual in need of a new home.

As a nonprofit agency, Socialserve call center has a mission to help provide second chances to people from hard to employ populations. Many of the employees helping callers find a new home have themselves experienced difficulties finding a place to live. For more about the call center see:  

Socialserve Call Center