How often do Nevadans move?

How many people moved in the previous year?

What proportion of Nevadans moved in the previous year? The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey asks for the householder’s residence one year ago. In Nevada about one out of five people were estimated to have been living in a different housing unit a year earlier. This is more than the national average which was one in seven.

Comparing renters and owners mobility

Households that had moved in the past year were more likely to be renters than owners. Renters tend to be more mobile because owners may face additional transaction and financial costs when selling their house. In the U.S. as a whole renters were about four times more likely to have moved in the past year. In Nevada, in both Washoe and Clark County about 10% of people living in homes they owned moved in the past year and over 30% of people living in rental homes had moved in the past year.

Where did movers come from?

For both renters and owners, movers typically reported moving from within the same county that they currently reside in. This was particularly true for Clark County where 78% of renters and 70% the owner occupied population that had moved in the last year reported their previous residence as Clark County. The size of Clark County and its isolation from other large cities nearby may be one reason these shares are so high in Clark County.

For Nevada renters as a whole approximately 316,000 moved within the same county in the previous year (for example, from one Clark County residence to another Clark County residence), 14,000 moved from a different county within the state (for example, from a Pershing County residence to a Storey County residence), 85,000 moved into Nevada from another state and 9.000 had moved into Nevada from a residence in another country.

For Nevada owners, about 96,000 moved within the same county, 6,000 moved from one Nevada county to a different county within Nevada, 35,000 moved into Nevada from anther state and 6,000 moved into Nevada from another country.

All regions of Nevada had a higher share of both owners and renters who reported moving from other states into Nevada than was true for the United States as a whole. For Nevada about 20% of renters who moved last year came in from a different state whereas in the United States as a whole the average was 15%. For Nevadans in owner occupied housing the share of movers from another state was 25% as compared to 16% average nationwide.

For more information see Nevada Mobility by Tenure.

The source for statistics presented in this blog is United States Census Bureau / American FactFinder. “B07013: GEOGRAPHICAL MOBILITY IN THE PAST YEAR BY TENURE FOR CURRENT RESIDENCE IN THE UNITED STATES.” 2011 – 2015 American Community Survey 5-year estimates. accessed 6-7-2017 and calculations by the author.