Help Persons with Disabilities Find Your Accessible Units

Listing Accessible Units Detail in allows property providers to add rich detail on accessible features, a helpful feature for persons with disabilities, and aids property providers in making a good "match" for these special units.

Federal law (Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act) requires that any federally-assisted new construction housing project make 5% of the units, or at least one unit, whichever is greater, accessible for persons with mobility disabilities. An additional 2% of the units, or at least one unit, whichever is greater, must be accessible for persons with hearing or visual disabilities. 

In addition, many property owners, especially those serving seniors, have provided additional accessibility features beyond what is required for federal law.

But where are these units? For individuals searching for them, or agencies assisting persons with disabilities, it may not be obvious how to find such units. 

A Nevada statute, NRS 319.143, requires landlords of multi-family properties with any federal or state subsidies to report quarterly to the Nevada Housing Division about the status of each residential unit that is affordable and "suitable for use by a person with a disability." The Nevada Housing Division has chosen as the vehicle for carrying out NRS 319.143. Listing your property and updating your listing quarterly in will fulfill the requirements of NRS 319.143. listings allow for a rich set of accessibility features to be communicated to potential tenants. Over 20 accessibility features from "unit on first floor" to "roll-in shower" to "within paratransit route" may be included in a listing. Property managers are requested to include as many of these features in their listings as they can where they are available.

Suppose you have some units, say one bedroom units, that have special accessibility features and some that don't. Suppose that currently these are all represented by one listing in It is possible for property managers to easily create a separate listing for units with special features by using the "clone" feature. The clone feature duplicates your current listing, keeping all the same information. This new cloned listing can then be edited to add any accessible features. Creating a seperate listing with accessible features means that individuals with disabilities can search for your unit using the accessibility filters.

To clone a listing, log into your account and click on "manage listings." On the "Overview" tab, scroll down to see your listings and click "See all listings." Chose the listing you would like to clone (duplicate). Click on "update listings" on the bottom right of the listing. On the menu of options click "Duplicate (Clone) Listing." To make a duplicate at least one thing must change, therefore when making a clone to list a unit with special accessible features, you will usually want to change "New Unit Number." You could put in an actual unit number or letters, or a phrase such as "AccessibleType2." Scroll down and click, "Click here to continue." Now you have a "clone" or duplicate, of your original listing. You should see something like "New Listing (#1232197) created from listing #1228057." Now click on "Edit New Listing" and scroll down towards the bottom of the form to add accessible features information. Now click "save listing" and you've added a searchable listing specifically for your accessible units.