Nevada rental housing

What types of homes do Nevadans rent?

A majority of Nevada’s renter households live in single family housing. According to American Community Survey estimates for 2010 to 2014, 55% of the 446,000 Nevada households who rent lived in a single family detached house (36%) or single family attached house (19%). A single family detached house is what most of us picture when we think of “single family” housing – a house not attached to any other building. A single family detached house could be a townhouse, for example, where dwellings share a wall. Only 42% of Nevada renter households lived in a multi-family apartment. Three percent of renter households lived in mobile homes. In contrast for the 560,000 Nevada households which own their place of residence, 84% lived in a single family detached home, seven percent in a single family attached home, three percent owned an apartment and seven percent owned a mobile home.