As a property manager or landlord finding new powerful tools to use in helping to market your rental properties can sometimes be daunting or disappointing.  Getting lost in the shuffle of Zillow,, Trulia, and can be frustrating to say the least, much less getting these companies to provide you with any type of customer service or analytics without having to pay a premium. 


Which is why you are here at Nevada Housing Division’s website , a free easy way to market and list your Nevada rentals.  NHD’s website allows you to freely list unlimited rental units and in areas that you may not find on the bigger websites such as Deeth, Pioch, and Mcgill.  List one or many by using the “cloning” tools for multifamily properties.  You can also post a listing once and only remove it from public view when it has been rented or is under repair.  NHD has no time limits on listings and no need to list repeatedly, another time saving feature.  NHD’s search tools are ADA-compliant and also available in multiple languages. 


Now here is where NV Housing Search really stands out from the crowd: all services are supported by a Toll Free Call Center.  Live assistance is available Monday – Friday from 6:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific Time and call center staff will help you in creating and updating your listings. Plus, they have bilingual representatives ready to help tenants browse and last but not least, staff can conduct market-rent comparisons and provide tips to make your listings stand out.  Now that’s service!


Bookmark us today at  or Call 1.877.428.8844 to begin listing today!