George Graham, City of Sparks

George Graham, is a long-time Housing Specialist for the City of Sparks. He has supported from the very beginning, helping with the launch, giving advice, working on endorsement projects, recording videos, suggesting landlords to work with and more. Thank you George!

  • How did you first get interested in housing?

My interest in housing and specifically the provision of affordable housing began during my 2nd year of undergraduate study at Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; where I earned my Bachelor of Architecture.  During my studies I became interested in providing the design of an aesthetically pleasing living environment for low to moderate income households.  I called the project “Utopia Urbana”

  • How long have you lived in Nevada? What’s your favorite aspect to living in Reno-Sparks?

I have lived in Nevada for 13 years and 3 months. and it has been a joy!  My favorite aspect of living in Sparks, Nevada is that it is a very progressive thinking small town and I love the desert scenery and the design of the Sparks Marina.

  • What do you see as the city of Sparks greatest housing need now?

I see the greatest housing need for the City of Sparks being the provision of a viable housing product for the low to middle income homeowners/residents.  There is nothing impeding the final product to being an aesthetically pleasing experience; therein lies the challenge!