Denise Cox, NHD Compliance Officer

Nevada Housing Division Lead Compliance Officer Denise Cox:

I moved to Northern Nevada in September 1989.  I began looking for work in the Reno/Carson City area because my grandparents, uncle and father had relocated here and I wanted to be close to them. I was fortunate enough to interview for a federal government position and was selected to start in October, 1989. 

I began work for the Farmers Home Administration (now called USDA-RD) in an administrative position, but since we were such a small office, we all wore a lot of different hats.  At that time the office received all tenant certifications and re-certifications  for the Nevada Multi-Family Housing properties that were financed by the agency, via mail.  I was responsible for entering them manually into our data base so that owners would be able to receive their subsidies.  From there I began conducting Supervisory Visits to ensure properties were in compliance with all of the federal regulations, and that’s how my “compliance” life started.  I worked for a HOME Consortium for two years and was hired by the State of Nevada as a Compliance Audit Investigator March 14, 2001 and I am now the Chief Compliance Audit Investigator for the Housing Division.

Our job as Compliance Audit Investigators is to monitor for compliance in the different housing programs that the Division has participated in funding.  We are looking for any violations of State and/or Federal laws or other regulations.  However, I feel it is more important to work with owners/developers, management companies and site personnel to help keep them in compliance with all of the laws and regulations.  I can honestly say that it is very rare that we find an intentional violation.  We also receive and review complaints of non-compliance from residents of our properties, management personnel and the general public.  We strive to gather all the pertinent facts and assist in reaching an amicable solution for all parties involved. 

In Northern Nevada we have properties that we are responsible for in 19 towns/communities. Since we visit each property at least annually, I can say I get to most of them during the year.  

All of the small northern communities of Northern Nevada are unique and each one of them has something to offer.  I am probably partial to Elko, Winnemucca and Ely.  It has been fun in the last few years to try and golf in all of the towns I visit.  If there is daylight after I get done at the properties, I will usually try and get in some holes.  As of now, I have golfed in Elko, Ely, Winnemucca, Wendover, Battle Mountain and Jackpot.  I hope to get a chance to hit some balls around  the Chimney Rock Golf Course in Wells someday.